How to activate my watchlist option in the Morpheus TV

After completion of Morpheus TV APK application, there are two options My watch list and My collection in the Morpheus TV application where you can add your wished movies and favorite TV shows to make a separate collection of all of your desired content.

watchlist option in the Morpheus TV

How to activate my watch list option in the Morpheus TV

You cannot activate My watch list and My collection option, by default in the Morpheus TV application. You have to activate it to add movies and TV shows to your collection. You can activate My watch list and My collection by the below steps.

  • Initially, you need to open the application: To start the application press on the icon of Morpheus TV.
  • Select any one option: You can choose any of the two options, My watch list, and My collection by clicking on it.
  • A message will show up: As you will click you will see an option on your device screen which will inform you to go to a link and add a code to activate it.
  • Tap on the link: As the message appears you have to click on the link which you can see on the message.
  • Sign Up: After the clicking, the link will open and it will ask you to log in but first you have to make an account by simple sign up process.
  • Add the code: After completion of the signup process, it will ask you to put in the code. You can find the code in the message shown in the Morpheus TV app.
  • The process is complete and you can enjoy your watch list.

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My collection: As you know Morpheus TV is an entertaining app and contain a huge database collection where hundreds and thousands of movies are listed. So here you can simply make your list of your desired and favorite collection. You can do this:

  • Move to the movies which you want to add to your collection.
  • Click for some time to the movie icon until it shows you some options.
  • Press add to my collection
  • The process is complete.

My watch list: This option is similar to my collection, but here you just add those video contents or those movies which you want to stream in the future. So the upcoming time you do not need to search for the movie. Directly you can come to my watch list and start the movie.

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